GSM Based Smart Digital Meter approach to Detect Byepass for Energy Theft

The research project aimed to demonstrate the design of advance energy prepaid meter with newly added features. We constructed the circuit using locally available components, both the current and voltage sensor section ware built and tested successfully for the measurement.

The meter measures the watt per hour and covert to killo watt per hour to monitor the consumption of the energy and automatically deduct from the recharged unit, when unit exusted supply terminated until the meter recharge again. The recharge could be via sms of manually enter by keypad, when user intends to tamper the meter, the system cutoff the supply automatically until reactivated by the authority, even when there is no electricity the meter sense attempt of tamper and shutdown means of supply to load when is connected to the supply. The meter design to report situation to authority via sms and only authority can activate via sms.